Health benefits of eating dragon fruit

The dragon fruit craze has only caught on in the Philippines in past decade, or so, and for good reason, too.  This ‘passion’ fruit is full of life on both the inside and the outside.  People love its multi-colored vibrancy and unique flavor.  Some compare the experience of the flesh to kiwis, the taste obviously being its own.  Although its seeds are prominent, those too are fine to eat and offer their own pleasant taste and health benefits.

Enjoying Dragon Fruit

dragon fruit smoothie

Many dragon fruit lovers like to have their fruit in a fruit smoothie or juice cocktail.

Many dragon fruit lovers like to have their fruit in a fruit smoothie or juice cocktail.  It compliments other fruits perfectly.

Many dragon fruit lovers like to have their fruit in a fruit smoothie or juice cocktail.  It complements other fruits perfectly.  It’s not uncommon to find dragon fruit in the health drink sections of grocers, juice bars, or specialty health stores.  The dragon fruit’s flower petals also make an appearance in some exotic teas.

Nutritional Value

First off, dragon fruit is a great low calorie fruit and considered great for lowering cholesterol, as with many fruits, especially citrus.  One thing it is not low in is Vitamin C.  Many people prefer to get their natural vitamin C from dragon fruit, rather than typical fruits, due to the low acidity, low profile, and easy to eat texture of the flesh.  While the seeds may turn some off, they actually add a bit of character that you don’t normally find in fruit.

Dragon fruit also contains a little bit of nutrition bonus due to these seeds.  They carry a little bit of healthy fats and protein, just like a typical seed or nut.  Those mono-unsaturated fats are the good fats that we could all use more in our diets, rather than the fat that is commonly found in processed foods or fried foods.

enjoying dragon fruit

Dragon fruit can also be enjoyed freshly picked.

Lastly, dragon fruit is an excellent source of dietary fiber, which can be hard to get from other fruits like citrus, for example.  The dietary benefit extends even higher if you eat dried dragon fruit, as well.  This is due to the high water content of dragon fruit, of course, but typically you won’t really be able to enjoy dragon fruit as much if you eat it dried.

What I would hardly recommend, however, is taking dragon fruit that has been grinded into a pill for dietary benefit.  A lot is lost during these over-processing formulas and there is truly no way of telling if they even used dragon fruit in the first place.  Just get it fresh and you will never know how you survived without them, they are truly a super-food.


Stay tuned for detailed health benefits of eating dragon fruit…